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April 26, 2010

Making Live Messenger work with 3 3G Service

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For some reason, I never have got Live Messenger to work on my laptop (Dell XPS M1530, Windows 7 x64) using “3” 3G connection via a built in 3G card and the Dell Mobile Broadband Card utility. It wasn’t really a concern, until now!

It would try to login, try for a while..


Before dying with Error Code: 8000402a:



Clicking “Get more information” was final insult as all the results were in French. Sacre-Bleu!


3 supply a private IP address and there’s been a number of occasions where the web has been dead, but TCP/IP connectivity is fine, therefore I assume they use a “transparent proxy”.  Which I suspected of being at fault. Not much I could do about that, and didn’t fancy calling the call centre whilst I was on the train

Googling was difficult  – When you are a company selling 3G services, calling it “3” isn’t helpful!

The diagnostics built into messenger wasn’t very helpful, apparently I have a Invalid IP address. Works OK for the web.


And, in fairness, the IP address arrangement handed down by the 3G connection do seem a bit odd..



But this lead to to a dead end.. so what now ?


  • Firewall… Tried that, no difference
  • Windows Event log – nothing
  • Diagnostics in Live Messenger – too cryptic for me to decypher

My next steps were to fire up wireshark and try and understand what’s going on. But, sometimes inspiration comes from funny places

I decided to see what would happen if I run Live messenger in Admin mode. No difference.

Then I tried compatibility mode, changing it to Windows XP SP3:


A UAC pops up, I select “YES”



And…..drumroll….. SUCESS!!



All I need to do now is configure UAC not to complain when messenger Launches!


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