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December 17, 2009

Debugging Exchange 2010 W3WP High Memory Usage

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I checked the Wordfish Exchange server and noticed high memory usage; in particular W3WP processes were consuming more memory than store.exe !

A quick Google produced nothing of note; the total memory usage was 1GB. On a server with two heavy users, that seems a tad high! One process was consuming more than 500MB alone.

TaskMan isn’t much help:


So, what next?

With headscratchers like this, Process Explorer is always a good bet.

Let’s fire it up, and look for our W3WP processes:



Let’s open the PID showing high memory usage to see if it gives us a clue:


Aha! This tells us the application pool!

Do we have a memory leak? Not sure, and without any web references we’re flying blind. Let’s jump into IIS, into application pools, and program some thread recycling for the thread:



Let’s recycle the thread now to confirm. Note it’s using 176MB of memory:



The replacement process is consuming less memory



Have I spotted a bug in Exchange IIS? Is this expected? Has my recycling helped? Don’t know yet. Only time till tell!


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December 4, 2009

FTP Test

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FTPTest is a small application for testing the reliability of FTP servers. You supply it with a file, how many times you want the upload the file and it does the rest.  I wrote it to test the most horrible problem to fix – an intermittent fault.

If your source file was test.txt and you selected to upload to times, you would get testn.txt on the remote FTP server, where n is an increasing number

FTPTest is configured via a small INI file, simply edit this in notepad or similar:

#host – address of FTP server

#directory – what directory to change to after login

#username – what user to login as

#password – what password to use

#origfile – what file to upload. This is copied to
# filenameN where N is an incrementing number depending on howmany

#howmany – number of repetitions of upload

To download the program, click on this link. Be sure to get in touch to say hello if you find it of use!

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